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Work Flow

Understanding the project requirements and providing accurate quotations is the first step in the work. Many times, the failure to achieve a deal is due to incomplete understanding of the customer requirements, project background, project positioning, resulting in inaccurate material allocation and quotation which could not meet the budget. We will be meticulous and patient in our early communication for an accurate price calculation.

Shop drawings

If there are some projects that only have floor plans but no specific designs, we will process the design drawings and then provide a quotation. We will charge a corresponding fee If there is a lot of design work, we. We will also meet some customers' requirements on 3D design. Each of our project team is equipped with 2 designers, mainly to create drawings that customers like then adjust prices based on the design.

Sample kitchen

After the drawings and prices are confirmed, we will create a set of mockup at the factory and invite customers to confirm the effect and details. This is a very important step, and it is also the most important step before mass production, as we will use this to produce the bulk goods. During the sample confirmation process, we will make modifications based on the customer's feedback. After the modifications are completed, a report with product modified details will be sent to the customer for final confirmation.

Order production

We have always emphasized the importance of drawing confirmation, material list confirmation, and sample confirmation. We only start calculating the delivery date after all the three parties have confirmed. Some customers do not carefully confirm the information and only place a deposit to calculating the production time and urging delivery time. However, in principle, the information we send to customers must be confirmed clearly before production, as confirmation is the foundation of everything, which can ensure that the information about the bulk production is completely accurate.

Production time

The delivery time of products made of different materials is different. Although the quantity of orders can affect production time, the material is the fundamental factor that affects time, as the manufacturing processes of different materials are different. In fact, the production cycle has always been controllable, and it is not ruled out that some orders require ordering unconventional materials, which takes 1 weeks for procurement. But we always follow the promised time to cooperate with the progress of the customer's project.


After the goods production, we will give flat pack or assembled pack for them according to clients requirements. Also we need confirm with clients about the label information and layout, the packing materials and protection methods. Meanwhile, we will make clear packing list and checking list to inform clients what items will be exactly loaded in a container. Kitchen cabinets always in one single package, but wardrobes and tall cabinets are separated in several packages, these information are clearly marked on list label.


For goods packed on pallets, we have a clear list of pallets. Generally, we place a pallet of cabinets of one room together and attach a list outside to indicate the detail cabinet information of this pallet. At the same time, we will create a cabinet list that clearly indicates where these pallets are located in the container and which cabinets are on the pallets. Clear packaging information provides great convenience for customers to distribute goods on jobsite.


We will send the packing list, numbered cabinet drawings, and installation videos to the customer together, and answer any questions raised by the customer during the installation process in real-time. Some project clients require us to dispatch workers for installation. At present, we are quite pleased that the customer can complete the installation of each project perfectly according to our information and guidance. Our complete installation information, clear packaging list, and spare parts box have been very helpful.

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