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About Casa

We, CASA manufacture different kitchen cabinets and various customized furniture for residential apartments, hotels to individual houses. Our philosophy is to create value for customers and ensure the quality, details and integrity of the project.

  • 18 years of experience in the customized cabinet industry, and we are familiar with the R & D , design, manufacturing and service.
  • Our comprehensive quality assurance system has strict control over every link from raw material procurement to finished product storage.
  • In particular, our rich experience and innovation in project management give us the industry advantages. Our project team is experienced, teamwork, good at giving forward-looking and constructive opinions.                                                                                        

Sales team

At Casa, Customer is our number one priority. We establish trust by delivering on our promises. Our self-perform capabilities and years of success in both design and manufacture in large project management ability enable us to provide the smooth process with best outcome. This is because our experience, customization and expertise at the highest level. Especially,we have good people! We are always committed to providing customers with better solutions to meet their requirements on quality products, cost budgeting and delivery time, ensuring that a project is perfectly implemented from design philosophy, product deepening, installation guidance, and finally projects perfectly realized. These are all thanks to our excellent employees and team.

Office team

Most of our office project team members are in their 20s to 30s. We are open and inclusive, full of individuality and vitality. A equal and harmonious communication is a people-oriented culture of our company, which can make things move forward efficiently. Our team members take their job responsibilities and respect company rules, also we dare to put forward opinions and solutions when faced with problems. We respect every colleague and everyone commit to fulfilling duties in the work, working together to solve problems for customers, and creating products with high value and make reasonable profits for the enterprise. At the same time, we are a group of very energetic young people, always full of hope and passion.

Management team

Management team are always the backbone of the enterprise, deeply understanding and implementing the company's development direction and philosophy, providing work guidance to employees, also caring about their living and psychological conditions. Interest is not the only purpose of our company, solving labor employment and creating a good humanistic living environment for society is also CASA's mission.


Our designers have rich experience in participating in large projects, maintaining a high level of sharpness in the forefront of design, structure and materials, as well as cabinet usage habits and standards in different countries. Also they offer standardized and meticulous drawings, able to communicate with the client's project team, and provide constructive opinions and suggestions. We always believe that professional designers and project managers in the industry are the foundation for a project to successfully turn design into a real job. They can understand the client's requirements, anticipate problems, and provide feasible solutions to implement the design into a custom product by achieving the requirements of aesthetics and usability.

Canton fair

Every year, we participate in some exhibitions (Canton fairs, KBIS , Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition, Guangzhou Building Materials Exhibition, etc.) to enhance popularity. At the same time, this is also a good chance to know our strengths and weaknesses, keeping up with the trend and maintain a high sensitivity in the industry. Every time we bring the latest and most popular products, it seems that our products are deeply loved by customers at the show, whether in terms of materials, design, or craftsmanship. At CASA, we are professionally experienced knowledge can transform a fancy design idea into an extraordinary place to live and enjoy. We look forward to providing you with the benefit of our experience.

Overseas show

Nowadays, the kitchen is no longer just a cooking place, but a space to enjoy high-quality life. In recent years, new materials and designs have emerged . Less is more. It is the time of minimalist design with powerful storage function, collision between natural color and engineering board, the perfect combination of lighting, glass, and natural rock counter top. The blend of cool and warm colors brings a comfortable and elegant visual effect, while taking into account the luxurious appearance and powerful and practical functions. Of course, we are also proficient in the American solid wood styles that contrasts with vintage and cream colors, which is another magnificent kitchen and home space.

High end bespoke joinery for your project

You dream it, we make it.

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