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Established in 2005 and attained status as one of the China's premier kitchen cabinets manufacturer for overseas builders and developers. CASA is located in Dongguan, Guangdong province, China. There are about 200 staffs in 2 factories with area 60,000 square meters and production capacity 40,000 sets kitchen cabinets annually. Equipped with advance production machine, Scientific management system and good after - sales service, we show a better and better development momentum.As a high-end kitchen cabinet brand, after nearly 18 years of brand accumulation and development, Casa's business has spread all over the world and has reached strategic cooperation with more than 30 real estate enterprises, especially some real estate projects positioned as middle to high endthis is because of our high standards, strict requirements, and rich experience in every project.

Who We Are

Casa Kitchen designs and manufactures high-quality kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and bedroom wardrobes for the global commercial construction industry. And we are the cabinet suppliers and builders choose most often for quality work at big cost savings. The production workshop of Casa is divided into 6 workshops, cabinet carcass workshop, cabinet door workshop, paint baking workshop, vacuum forming workshop, assembly workshop, and solid wood workshop. The production workshop covers an area of 20000 square meters and has an annual production capacity of about 15000 sets. Among them, melamine panels account for 30%, vacuum filming accounts for 15%,painting accounts for 30%, and solid wood accounts for 25%.

Major Machine Equipment

Advanced machinery and equipment are the basic guarantee of high quality (especially accuracy). The following are our equipment and facilities:
Cutting:High Speed CNC Saw(2 sets),Electric Saw(3 sets),Woodworking CNC machining center with auto labelling(3 sets)
Edging:Laser Automatic edge banding machine(3 sets),Edge banding machine (4 sets),double side auto edge banding machine(2 sets)
Drilling:Five Face CNC Drilling Center,Six Rows Multi-drilling Machine(4 sets), six face CNC Drilling Center(3 sets)
Solid timbber/ Verneer/ Paint :3 Base Coating Room ,urface Coating Room,Multiple sets of Woodworking machine

Solid wood production

We have our own Woodworking machine and are proficient in the entire process and craftsmanship of solid wood production. We strictly control every step of wood selection, drying, splicing, and painting to produce any door shape and color you need.The solid wood product department workshop (i.e. sample workshop) covers an area of approximately 3000 square meters. The workshop is divided into five major areas: material preparation area, machining area, assembly and packaging area, sanding area, and stacking area. Currently, there are more than 40 large and small equipment.

 ·Carefully selected raw materials, pay attention to the surface of the raw materials of the color and defects to achieve the same color effect
 ·Professional humidity treatment to avoid the deformation and cracking caused by the water content
 ·Top brand “Dabao” wood paint, making a natural surface and clear texture
 ·Different paint craftwork, which won’t damage the internal material
 ·Good craftwork on joint, edge and angles,. no deformation, cracking, roughness
 ·Pay attention to the use of Rome column, solid wood frame and even craft glass, solid wood smoke machine, the use of solid wood drawer, etc..
 ·Manufacture doors by our own factory, making the consistence on doors, carcass and fillers

Painting Room

The commonly referred to painted door panel refers to PU painted door panel, which is made of MDF board and processed through a series of processes such as milling, sealing, primer, paint, varnish, baking, etc., to achieve high glossiness and color.We are well known for our painting in this industry because of our advanced production lint hand superb painting process.

· Good leveling, no concavity and particles, no lines
· Color scattered evenly, no color difference

· High hardness (2H), good gloss, no smell, no glare · Full paint film, uniform thickness 0.3mm

· Angles/edges are smooth and even as door face

· Fine craftwork, door angel can be absolute 90 degree
· Lasting color and gloss


Each production step is a full inspection rather than a spot check, and each project has a dedicated QC assigned to them, who are familiar with the details and requirements of the entire project. We have a strict inspection system from raw materials to each step of the production process.  We strictly control the quality for you and ensure that all products are 100% qualified before container loading. Doing every step right is the most important standard in our daily work.

Our warehouses

Effective ERP warehouse management system, strict incoming material inspection process and quality control process, ensuring in a good order from the raw material to finished products.This system is built around the core business processes of warehousing, return, and transfer, focusing on key work processes in the work. It helps us efficiently and accurately complete daily work, eliminate uncertainty, and improve warehouse efficiency by saving time, reducing inventory, improving warehouse utilization, and increasing productivity.

Packing & Container Loading

Assembled packing or flat packing is according to shipping cost and labor costs, and we offer clear packaging information and safe packaging standards to ensure that the goods can be quickly found and sorted, and arrive at your construction site in a good condition.We also give clear mark on the cabinet label, then put one apartment cabinets at a same place when container loading, this is for a easy sorting at job site. Meanwhile, we give a well-protected packing for each carton, the main packaging material is bubble bags, and all four corners are equipped with EPE corner protectors.

High end bespoke joinery for your project

You dream it, we make it.

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