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The successful implementation of each project is the result of the efforts of both the team of our factory and customers, and all depend on our comprehensive project management system. An orderly project management is composed of many aspects, including project cost management, project quality management, project communication management, and project personnel management. Each part of it is indispensable, ultimately ensuring a perfect delivery of the product and establishing and maintaining good project cooperation in this win-win relationships with customers.

Team member

Our project team has excellent personnel allocation and each performs their respective duties. Initially, clarify the work content involved in the project, track project progress, and ensure that the project can be completed on time and with quality. Secondly, estimate the budget and costs of the project, and track the cost expenditures and benefits of the project. At the same time, establish quality requirements and standards for the project, evaluate the quality risks and issues of the project, in order to improve the quality and value of the project. The project manager is responsible for establishing effective communication mechanisms and channels, coordinating and managing the communication needs and interests of all parties involved in the project to ensure the smooth and efficient completion of the project and achieve the expected goals.

Drawings Adpproval

We attach great importance to drawings, and our shop drawings are based on our understanding of the customer's design drawings. They are a feasible production plan that ensures the functionality and appearance are consistent with the customer's drawings, and also provide better optimization solutions for the customer's design. Experienced and aesthetically pleasing designers are the core of their work, and meticulous work is the foundation of their work. Many times, our designers will raise questions and provide solutions for customers' designs, which is a very important part of communication with customers. We hope to benefit our customers with our extensive knowledge.

Material confirmation

We can provide the colors, materials, and craftsmanship required by the customer's project. Usually, customers send color blocks to our factory, and we create a sample. At the same time, we will create a sample frame to display the door panel color, cabinet color, edge color, door hinge, track and countertop color required for this project. After confirming all of these, we will proceed to the mockup confirmation process.

Prototype confirmation

Prototype/Pre-production always takes place before we start mass production. Mockup confirmation is preparation for mass production, also known as pre production confirmation. We will work with the client to select a typical unit type for sampling and invite them to our factory for review. This will provide a very intuitive presentation of the effect, If any issues are found during the checking process, they will be modified as soon as possible.

Software management

Our industry used to be very difficult to systematize production because the requirements for each project were different, and the size of each kitchen cabinet was different. The management of software systems has brought great convenience to our production, improved production efficiency, greatly reduced error rates, and also provided convenience for project management. With support of customized ERP & MRP systems, we can assure:


The inspection process has always been our top priority. We not only have an inspection system but also strict standards. And the inspection personnel are deeply aware and familiar with the situation and information of each project. We will inspect the goods in every workflow, from raw materials, production, warehousing to loading, which means we give raw material testing(only cooperate with big brand),product quality inspection(all products are with full check instead of random check)and each project has a special QC personalSales, project manager and designer will have a final check before shipping.

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